European Life Teen Summercamp 2019

Join Expedition Q! Life Teen summer camp will be an adventure you won’t easily forget. Go on expedition. No half measures, there is no holding back. Dancing with joy, singing out loud. Playing games until you are covered in mud - and then becoming even more dirty. Believing without fear, being on expedition searching for answers to all your faith related question. Forgiven in confession, fed by the Eucharist, kneeling down for the Blessed Sacrament, loved by our relentless Father. On expedition you are not alone. Bring your friends and make friends with teens from the whole of Europe.

That is Expedition Q. We go on Expedition Q. Join our summer camp, join Expedition Q!

August 5-10

12-19 years

Retreat Center Emmaus, Helvoirt, the Netherlands

€220,- (staff: €150,-)

Life Teen Summercamp

Social Safety at the camp

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